Welcome to the Simó Lab

Located in the Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy (School of Medicine) at the University of California Davis, we aim to understand how nervous system develops and is maintained in the adult and apply this knowledge to better comprehend the defects occurring in neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases affecting our society. We focus most of our energy in deciphering the molecular mechanisms, and its regulation, involved on neural progenitor competence and cell fate specification, neuronal migration and localization, and adult neurogenesis. Besides, we still have plenty more energy to tackle other science avenues, collaborations, and out-of-the-lab fun stuff.

We are always looking for talented and motivated undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellows (see below) to join one of the several new research projects in the lab!

Postdoctoral _Position_@Dickson&SimoLabs